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Cooperative entrepreneurship tackling youth unemployment

Creation of tested training models to be reused

A diverse and pan-European consortium working hands-on

II Steering Committee meeting

25-27 October, Athens (Greece)

COOPilot is a one-year project led by Pour la Solidarité (Belgium), and involving 10 other European partners. Its main aim is to provide new responses for youth employment in the European Union. Cooperative entrepreneurship wants to be the answer to this challenge.
COOPilot aims to transfer competencies from the more advanced countries in the field of cooperatives (Belgium, France, Italy and Spain) towards the less advanced ones (Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus). The originality of the project is to gather academic partners, training institutes, stakeholders of social economy and public authorities.

COOpilot is co-financed by DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs of the European Commission


COOPilot conference on educational system of cooperative culture in Cyprus

The two day conference /training session ‘The role and the importance of educational system in the development of cooperative culture” took place […]

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